Office Infusion Center

Patients come to the Office Infusion Center (OIC) as an alternate to receiving intravenous therapies, lab work, or medication counseling in a hospital setting. The OIC is conveniently located within SDACC’s office. Patients return to the office according to an individual treatment plan, usually once or twice a week to have blood work drawn, dressings changed, and evaluation by the nurse and physician. At weekly visits, patients are given their medication and supplies and receive close monitoring to measure dosage adjustments.


– Physician supervised care plan oversight and counseling
– Lab work monitoring
– Preparation and administration or distribution of ordered medications and supplies
– Intravenous line insertion
– Central line catheter care
– Call for a full list of services


The OIC is conveniently located within SDACC’s office. The infusion suite contains rooms that are equipped with a comfortable recliner lounge chair. A TV and WIFI are also available.

How Patients are Billed for Services

A pre-certification process is completed before your therapy; business office personnel ensure that services provided are covered under your health plan. Otherwise, alternate care options will be provided. For your convenience, we will file your health insurance claim forms Billing questions may be answered by calling the business office at: 1-800-337-0220

The Infusion Center hours are: Mon-Thurs (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM), Fri (8:30 AM to 4:00 PM).

After hours: The pager number of the Nurse is available to patients 24 hours a day by calling: (937) 428-0416
Emergencies: In extreme emergencies, please call 911. If time allows, then call the practice office and give the nature of your emergency with a phone number where we can return your call.

Important Telephone Numbers
Physician Office: (937) 433-8990
Office Infusion Center: (937) 428-0416
Infusion Center Business Office: (800) 337-0220