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Practice Administrator:   Rebecca Kronauge, RN, CMM, MSA.

Physician Assistants:  Jeremy R Bickett, PA-C; Marlise Botelho, PA, Robert Christie, PA-C, Ashley Graham PA-C, Jill-Renae Gulczinski, PA-C., Sarah Hess, PA-C, Aaron Perry, PA-C

Certified Nurse Practitioners: Jamie L McGuire, CNP  Susan Welsh, CNP

Transcription Manager:   Judy (Administrative Assistant)

Patient Care Coordinators:   Clerical Manager - Charlene Stamper,  Larissa, Liz, Monica, Tami.
Clinical Staff:  Clinical Manager - Luann Miller, RN, Eileen Pape RN, CCP, Compliance Officer,  Annie, LPN, Becky LPN, Cheryl B., LPN, Diane G., LPN, Gale, LPN, Jessica, LPN, and Sandy, RN.

IT Coordinator:  Carole

Billing Staff:  Accounts Manager - Robyn Philhower, CPC. Angie, Barb, Cindy, Jeanne, Kim B, Kim H, Melissa, Missy, Rita, Tammy, and Tina.

Credentialing Coordinator:  Jeanne Rutledge

33 West Rahn Rd. Dayton, OH  45429-2244. Phone: 937-433-8990 Fax: 937-433-8691
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